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Teoria delle decisioni e alberi delle decisioni.

www.dialog.it, software di DSS, EIS, cruscotti aziendali, ecc.

Clyde W. Holsapple, Andrew B. Whinston, Decision Support Systems: a knowledge based approach - testo online - Carol Martin Gatton, College di Business Economics dell'Università del Kentucky.

Data Analysis and Decision Making With Microsoft Excel, by S. Christian Albright, et al. Hardcover (January 1999)

Decision Support Systems in the 21st Century, by George M. Marakas. Hardcover

www.sitesmartdss.com - Site Smart DSS è un software di supporto alle decisioni.

www.dfki.de/fluids - FLUIDS: Future Lines of User Interface Decision Support - progetto europeo per realizzare un ambiente software per DSS.

www.pilotsw.com - Pilot Software inc. è una società che offre "Pilot Decision Support Suite", un insieme di software di DSS.

www.dssinfotech.com - Software DSS su tecnologia Oracle: Solutions-Prosper, software di problem solving; Pro-QMS, software di TQM.

Robert F. Meigs, Accounting : The Basis for Business Decisions (10th Ed), 1996.

Jerold L. Zimmerman, Alfredo Ardila, Accounting for Decision Making and Control, 1996.

Martin Mellman, Accounting for Effective Decision Making : A Manager's Guide to Corporate, Financial, and Cost Reporting, 1994.

Billie M. Cunningham, Accounting Information for Business Decisions: Preliminary Edition, 1998.

David F. Folino, The Agile Manager's Guide to Making Effective Decisions (The Agile Manager Series), 1998.

Francisco Javier Giron, M. Lina Martinez, Applied Decision Analysis, 1998.

John A., Jr. Lawrence, Barry Alan Pasternack, Applied Management Science : A Computer-Integrated Approach for Decision Making, 1998.

Decision Support Systems in the 21st Century, by George M. Marakas. Hardcover

Decision Support Systems and Intelligent Systems, by Efraim Turban, Jay E. Aronson. Hardcover

Building Executive Information Systems and Other Decision Support Applications, by Hugh J. Watson, et al. Hardcover



Choices : An Introduction to Decision Theory, by Michael D. Resnik. Paperback (June 1987)

The Choosing by Advantages Decisionmaking System, by Jim Suhr. Hardcover (January 1999)

Creative Decision Making : Using Positive Uncertainty, by H.G. Gelatt, et al. Paperback (August 1991)

Debating Rationality : Nonrational Aspects of Organizational Decision Making (Frank W Pierce Memorial Lectureship and Conference Series, No 10), by Jennifer J. Helpern(Editor), et al. Hardcover (April 1998)

Decision Support for Management, by Ralph H., Jr. Sprague, et al. Hardcover

Decision Support in the Data Warehouse (Data Warehousing Institute Series from Prentice Hall Ptr), by Paul Gray, Hugh J. Watson. Textbook Binding (December 1997) 

Decision Support Systems and Intelligent Systems, by Efraim Turban, Jay E. Aronson. Hardcover

Decision Traps : Ten Barriers to Brilliant Decision-Making and How to Overcome Them, by J. Edward Russo, e altri, 1990

Sources of Power : How People Make Decisions, by Gary Klein, MIT Press, 1999. Decisioni lampo in situazioni di emergenza.

'Yes' or 'No' : The Guide to Better Decisions, by Spencer Johnson, 1993. Una guida dell’autore del bestseller “The One Minute Manager”.

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